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What is Fiscal Representation?

In the Netherlands, Fiscal Representation is setup in a way which makes it easy to initialize.

It can give foreign companies some of the same benefits as local companies have, without having to physically establish themselves here.

Why would you want a Fiscal Representative in the Netherlands?

The more goods you import into the EU, the more VAT you will need to pay. This is a regulation that we all know and understand. The VAT can then be requested to be refunded, however this can take months to finally get finalized. Appointing a fiscal representative will allow you to skip having to actually pay the VAT upon import. Using the representative’s VAT number, you can avoid having to pay the VAT upon import. This can make all the difference in your cash-flow and ultimately in your company’s financial state.


Strength of the Netherlands

Rules and regulations. If you live in the Netherlands you sometimes feel like that’s all the country consists of. Luckily rules and regulation also give certain benefits that otherwise would not be this easy or, in some cases, impossible. Over 50% of all goods which are being imported into Europe go through the Netherlands. We have established ourselves as one of the most important gateways into Europe due to our strategic location within the continent, our infrastructure and our high-end logistic services.

Complete the puzzle by appointing ALPI as your Fiscal Representative

  • You can make use of the fast and flexible customs procedures in the Netherlands.
  • ALPI is AEO certified and can be an expansion to your secure supply chain lane.
  • ALPI has over 30 years of experience with fiscal representation.
  • Would you like more information from us? Click the ‘contact us’ button below and we are happy to answer any questions you might have.
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